Is A Small Orange Good for your Online Business : Review

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A Small Orange is a web company with a difference. The company has been in existence since 2003 and has continuously progressed over the years to become one of the rapidly growing web hosting companies. The rapid growth of A Small Orange web hosting can be attributed to the company’s mission of being a different kind of web hosting provider. Instead of offering unlimited plans that are popular with other hosting companies, the company only offers what you need.

A Small Orange

In its mission to be a different web hosting leader, the company has hired excellent, highly trained professionals to help you overcome all manners of challenges related to your website hosting. The highly insightful and knowledgeable staffs are highly motivated and excited to help you resolve any problem that you may have. The quality of service and commitment to customer service is another administrative plus to the company’s mission. As a new customer, you are allowed to try any of the company’s hosting plans for a full 90 days, upon which you can get your refund back if you decide to cancel your subscription within those 90 days. You can also use coupons to get discounts on hosting services when you signup. Check out this A Small Orange Coupons site. They list the most used coupons which gives you the best discount.

The other aspect that makes A Small Orange different is the range of products. The company offers a range of hosting plans to meet the needs and requirements of different individuals and businesses that range from shared hosting to business hosting, cloud vps, dedicated servers and Clementine managed among other extra services such as web design services and a web builder. A Small Orange review of the hosting plans can help you discover the most appropriate plan for your personal or business needs.

Comprehensive Review of A Small Orange Hosting Plans

Shared Plans

All shared plans come with a cPanel for easy administering and updating of your website. They also come with an Email feature that supports IMAP, POP3 and webmail access. They are also built on enterprise standard hardware and come with 99.9 uptime guarantee. The company offers five different webhosting plans that include tiny, small, medium, and large.

The tiny plan is available for only $2.92 per month and comes with 500MB storage, 5GB of Bandwidth, 1 Domain and a 24/7 Email with a LiveChat Support. The Small plan is available for only $5 per month and comes with 5GB of storage, 50GB of bandwidth, unlimited domains and 24/7 Email with LiveChat Support. The medium plan is available for only $10 per month and features 15GB storage, unlimited domains, 150GB bandwidth and a 24/7 Email with LiveChat support. The Large option is available for $20 per month and comes with 30GB storage, 150GB bandwidth, 24/7 Email support and unlimited domains.

Business Plans

The company offers three business hosting plans that feature a free SSL certificate, lower customer densities and PostreSQL database support among others. The Startup plan is available for $20 per month and comes with 40GB storage and 600GB bandwidth. The other Small Business plan is available for $40 per month and feature 50GB storage and 800GB bandwidth. The Enterprise plan is available for $60 per month and feature 60GB storage and 1000GB bandwidth.

Cloud Plans

The cloud plans are available from $20 per month to $150 per month depending on the storage, core, RAM and the bandwidth you choose. Depending with the plan, you can up to 8 cores, 250GB storage, 10240MB RAM and 5TB bandwidth options.

Dedicated Hosting

The company offers both single and multiple CPU servers. The single CPU servers start from $99 per month to $175 per month. The multi CPU servers are available for only $275 per month.